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Chocolatier and pastry chef Audrey Vaggione discovered her passion for making desserts at an early age. By the time she was fourteen she was already baking and decorating tiered cakes. She figured out how to make fortune cookies, éclairs and her childhood favorite, divinity fudge. Her fascination with things sweet and beautiful lasted through college and a career as a physical therapist. She baked for the college coffee house, weddings and special events.

After working her way up to teaching job at the Home Chef Cooking School, she decided to follow her passion for sweet and enrolled in the California Culinary Academy in Baking and Pastry Arts. After graduating she worked in several bay area pastry kitchens before launching Vaggione Pastries. She made custom desserts, wedding cakes, and chocolates.

Making chocolates melded her interests in growing fresh food, cooking, decorating, and science. She started a new business, selling chocolates to friends and neighbors and filling online orders. As the demand grew, Audrey moved from a rented space in a commercial kitchen into the Quito Center in Saratoga where she perfected her chocolate confections. Once she had the chocolates down, Audrey expanded her menu and opened Dolce Bella Chocolate cafe, which features her fabulous chocolates and desserts paired with wines, coffees, fruit and cheeses, as well as morning and afternoon meals.


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